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New works & PSD Download!

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Hey everybody! Been a little bit… But hopefully I can make up for it with a free download of a small demo I did of a goblin dude!

Click here for the download link!

Click here to Watch the Entire Process(the beginning covers some older works), starts about 27 minutes in

Heres some more random stuff as well!

Some Metal? Danger – “4h30″

Elves Cover Process

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Hey everybody! Heres a quick little process Gif I made of my Elves cover.

Basically its just – Sketch – Lines – Tones – Color Render until polished :D. Hope it helps a little!

(click to enlarge)

And heres some other work!

Metal! – Inherent Sin – “Gates of Hell”

Spreadin love

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This movie was great. I feeel great. Thanks movie!

Here you go, spreadin the word – Watch !

Theres way more on this… But theres some easy to watch information <3.

Artist Sketchbook iPhone App Preview!

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Hey everybody! Droppin in again after some crazy deadline action :O. Life has been very very hectic for me the past few weeks. I know I say something like this almost everytime I update… But this was especially hectic. Got 10 illustrations to finish! Gotta push harder than ever! Still keeping up with the studies though. Also, jumped on a new diet without any carbs from bread and generally limiting carbs to 125 grams a day. I have to say… I feel about 200% better now that I’m on this diet. Never did I realize that carbs just totally make me feel like crap. Feeling really awake, aware and excited again.

Other than that I got some good stuff comin(I hope its good :O)! Bobby Chiu asked me to do an iPhone app with him and soon it’ll be released for purchase on the iphone app store. I’ll be part of his Artist Sketchbook series! It was really to go back and collect personal works(a lot of which I finished specifically for the app) and create new illustrations exclusive to it. Below are a couple preview images! I’ll update again when it becomes available :D. Then you can help support this David in need.

So heres the cover and a couple pages! -

I’ll be posting regularly again soon! Finally getting through the rough patch!

Metal! Fearless Four – ‘Just Rock’ D:

Elves & Wizards

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Hey everybody! Making a quick update today :)! Posting a cover I did early last year and a new Dungeon piece that came out the other day.

And to Keven Smith – Sorry this piece sucks so much D:. I tried to not fail on these but somehow totally did.

Metal – Cutty Shark – ‘Heroes’

New Cover for Paizo

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Hey everybody! This also got released today from Paizo Publishing :). Was fun to work on! Not my favorite piece but I was in a big technique change at the time…

Looking forward to seeing the physical copy… and also my Magic cards! Super pumped! :D

Metal!  Grim Reaper – ‘I Want More’

New Wizards Work

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Hey everybody! Just updated with some work I did for Wizards of the Coast and some studies. Got a lot to finish this month… But I’ll try and keep this updated best I can :)!


Metal! Steel Vengeance – ‘Night Turns to Day’

Crimson Daggers Website!

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Hey everybody! Finally got the Crimson Daggers website up! Thanks to Dennis Kutsenko :D! I just made up some simple little layout and we got it up as a placeholder.

Check it out!


But anyways I wanted to put forth a challenge… If anybody is interested! Basically I don’t have much webdesign skills(as you can most likely see) but I had to get somethin up and out there. For the future though I was looking to have it redesigned so that its more presentable. Doesn’t have to have a million features or whatever but it should just be a cool splash page. It may need ad placement as well in the future if you’d like to take that into account. So anyways, if you’d like to lend a hand that would be awesome. I’d love to check out people’s mockups of the Daggers website. I’d rather see it designed by a fellow dagger who knows what theyre doin anyways haha.

This is pretty much all it needs to include -

  • Crimson Daggers logo – can use this for placeholder i suppose
  • links to the Livestreams, sketchbooks, and blogs
  • has to include redness, blood and possibly switchblades in design
  • has to have the mission statement up top(the current one was just thrown together.)
  • has to include stream details(currently below mission statement)

So anyways, if you’re interested please submit whatever mock ideas you may have to Don’t mean to ask for free services or anything but I’m runnin the daggers for free at the moment D:. Not much money rollin around in the pockets. Figured I would reach out to my daggers for some love. Hopefully theres a couple graphic dagger designers out there :D!

Thanks everybody!

Metal! Keel – ‘Thunder and Lightning’

Been a bit, busy again :O

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Hey everybody! Trying to keep up with everything I got going on and am failing… Sometimes its best not to juggle everything at once so you don’t drop all the balls :(. Best to keep a strong focus. So yea, I’ve been doing the Crimson Daggers now for a good 3 months or so and have seen loads of improvement in the participants. The studies have totally helped my work along in so many ways and I find that finishing art is a hell of a lot easier than it used to be. Hopefully as time goes on this will grow and grow til we get a good couple hundred regulars on there posting work daily :D. Thats what I’d like to see anyways… People just getting waaay better every day and showing everybody else how its done. In the meantime though… I can wait, too much to finish all the time!

Currently I’m working on a few magazine pieces, an album cover and some personal works for an application I got going w/Bobby Chiu. Been having fun though and trying to make time to get away from art. Trying to get some time in on Mass Effect so I can unplug from my constant work and just sorta zone out. Don’t usually play games ever, in fact this is the first in a couple years, but its relaxing and I think I’ve needed that. Just have to watch out that I don’t get totally sucked in D:. Mass Effect is awesome :O!

Well, heres some art I’ve been doin :O. Just messin around for now so these are all works in progress :). Then some studies.

Commission i did -


Metal! Cannon – ‘Fireblade’

Finally back!

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Hey everybody! Spent some time at my parent’s house this christmas. Took a few days off and proceeded to do absolutely nothing for a few days. Felt pretty good to just sit and relax for awhile. Things are going good now, I’m pretty excited the rest of the winter will be pretty decent work wise. No real money problems or anything so its just a matter of producing cool work :D! I’m pumped to possibly get in some time for personal work(which I haven’t done in months :(). Bought myself an Intuos 4 Large tablet, I’ll let you know if its worth the money or not D:. Waiting for Chelsea to get back from her christmas break so we can have our own christmas here :D.

So yea, expect some more activity on here in the coming months! I’ll try my best to make time for myself. Got a bit of catching up to do though with a couple commissions. At least theres no more giant looming deadline…

I’m also back doing the Crimson Daggers stream everyday @9am EST. I was gone for a bit but its cool now. If you wanna participate then feel free to drop in or rewatch an old stream.

Heres my continued Repin study from today’s Crimson Daggers stream.

Metal! Wolf – ‘American Storm’


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