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Elves & Wizards

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Hey everybody! Making a quick update today :)! Posting a cover I did early last year and a new Dungeon piece that came out the other day.

And to Keven Smith – Sorry this piece sucks so much D:. I tried to not fail on these but somehow totally did.

Metal – Cutty Shark – ‘Heroes’

New Wizards Work

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Hey everybody! Just updated with some work I did for Wizards of the Coast and some studies. Got a lot to finish this month… But I’ll try and keep this updated best I can :)!


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Help out a friend :D!

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Hey everybody! Just wanted to update so as not to dissapear forever into the depths of the internet… Finished up my first set of Magic: The Gathering cards last night :D! I’m pretty excited to get em in the mail whenever that happens. Been a dream of mine for a long long long loooonngggg time. Pretty much ever since around… I was 9 or 10? Anyway, pretty pumped! Now all I got left are 6 magazine illustrations, 3 of which due on the 22nd.

Other than that I’ve been hosting the Crimson Daggers stream steadily everyday for more than a month now! I can feel the improvement from everyone! Its working out far better than I ever expected. So if you’re ever looking to study with somebody you can join me everyday @9am EST!

Before I get back to work though… I have a favor! My friend Hannes(algenpfleger) has entered the Dreams contest on deviant art. He’s worked so hard(pages and pages of studies daily D:) and has been doing fantastic work! So in order to vote…

Click on the image below and please favorite to add your VOTE!

Thanks and I really hope he wins! He really deserves it!

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Druid Process

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Quick Druid Process :)

Metal! – Sarissa – ‘Electric Axes’

Dragon Mag #382

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Hey everybody! Just saw that Wizards of the Coast released a couple more of my illustrations. These two mark a change in my whole approach… Not that you can tell right off but now my work has started to really change(wont be able to release for a bit though). Been having a really awesome time working for WoTC and hope they keep me around for awhile :D.

These are both from Dragon Magazine #382 -

Hope my fellow Crimson Daggers are workin harder than ever! Always exciting to see all the awesome updates from everyone!

Metal! Judas Priest – ‘Leather Rebel’

Cosmic Sorcerer Process – Studies

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Hello everyone! I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with my work. I always knew that if I just kept on pushing my name and studying I’d reach the goals I set… But now that I’m doing the jobs I want I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what to do. Whats the next step? I just know that I can keep on doing better work and possibly move onto book covers. Trying to figure if I want to try and get a game contract or maybe some movie work. I haven’t decided what to pursue just yet. Hopefully I can just keep on studying and pushing and move onto better things naturally.

In the meantime though I’ve been running the Crimson Daggers stream everyday(with the exception of a couple sick days) and have been loving it! The amount of improvement I see in the people participating is amazing. I’m really proud of everyone who has really just changed the way they live to focus on their big dreams. Everyone can see it(those who keep up), we’re all improving and how could we not. As long as we’re all studying harder than everyone else then we’ll get there no problem. You just have to keep at it and stay dedicated to yourself. Its not about impressing anyone or always coming out on top. Its all about failing and learning from failures. Thats not a downer thing to say either! If we’re not constantly failing then we’re not truly trying. “if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems. And thats  big mistake”, that qoute has a lot of truth to it. When you have a big goal like becoming a fantastic artist then you truly have to work at all kinds of problems. This isn’t a two step program and its not a scam either. When we all just meet for an hour a day everyday studying together for free and for ourselves then we’re all that much closer. I really just want to see everyone move forward and not lag behind. Its really important that you follow whatever the hell you wanna do.

So if you aspire to be a great artist then please join up. No fees or anything stupid like that. – Crimson Daggers Study Group! We meet everyday @ 9am EST!

But yea… I just want to say that I have nothing to gain from this except my own knowledge and skill expanding. This whole thing is setup strictly to help everyone for free. I hate how money becomes the motivation to help people, nobody owes you anything. I worked my ass off but I’m not gonna hide anything, you just have to give back as much as you can. You can get everything you want out of life by helping others get what they want. This is totally true and I’ve seen it first hand. Having somebody tell you that you really helped them is worth way more than knowing I’m making the most money possible for spending the least amount of time teaching.

Not to say that I’m the greatest teacher or anything but I’ll probably get real good if I keep up with the daggers hahaha. I hope so anyways!

Anyways, the Crimson Daggers might be hard to keep up with for most people but you can rewatch any of the Streams below the window there or just spend an hour of your day studying and post your work on our Concept Art sketchbook

Btw- of course I know there are plenty of well taught fantastic online classes and whatever but for the most part its ‘lets appeal and use our names to make the most money possible’. And I think thats terrible. If you really wanna get good then invest in taking an atelier course from somebody who really knows what they’re doing.

So Anyways! heres my step by step Cosmic Sorcerer. I don’t use this approach anymore, but I figure it may help some people.

Heres some studies I’ve done as well -

METAL – Helloween – ‘Judas’

Dragon Magazine release

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Hey everybody! Just posting up a piece that just got released from Dragon magazine #381. Don’t really like this one… Lots of stuff wrong but I’ll try and fix those problems in my later pieces!


Started working straight color after I did this and have had a much better time… So hopefully the next few will sit better with me D:.

Metal! Kraken – ‘The Curse’

New Work from Dragon Mag

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Hey everyone! Woke up this morning to some really nice words from Jon Schindehette about my Wizards work so far :). Really happy they like me over there. Been working on Magic and having an awesome time as well, the whole experience in general has been nothin but great.

Jon just released this piece on his blog Art Order! Look forward to the rest getting released :D!

Gif process

Also just a reminder that my next LiveStream is on Monday 5 pm EST! Look forward to seeing you all there now that theres no limit!

Also Also Also, if you’ve sent me an email regarding questions or feedback on the streams it may take me a bit longer to respond as I had no idea how many emails I’d get D:. I’m going to try and designate a pocket of time during the week to address these questions on my LiveStream.  Does that sound like a good idea? I just don’t want to have to respond with the same general answers to every email if I don’t have to. Really pressed for time at the moment. Just let me know if you think that’d work best. You never know who may benefit from the same things you yourself are curious about.

Heres an older piece I did for Wizards that I never posted as well :)!

Metal  - Flames – ‘Beloved Dead’

Huntin’ Drows Process!

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Hellooo, I plan on updating soon with a video, just trying to find a good Skype recorder(know any?).  I have a lot of ideas now and am pretty sure how i want to approach those videos :D. Should be good!

In the meantime though heres the gif process of my Wizard’s piece! Figured I’d try and update! Hope you guys can get something outta it!

Part 1 -

(Click to enlarge!)

Part 2 -

Check back soon for the videos!

Metal! W.A.S.P. – The Hellion!

Wizards Action!

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Finished up my first Wizards of the Coast job a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun! I’m loving the freedom I get to illustrate the stuff. Jon Schindehette just released one of my images over on his blog. I’m really happy they like my work and am on to the next pieces they got for me. Heres hoping I have a good relationship with them in the future!

So anyways, heres the image he released!

(click to enlarge)

I’ll be sure to start on my next video soon! Looking forward to making these tutorials weekly if I can handle it haha. So yea, keep a look out and leave me some good questions I can address!

Heres some Angel Witch in the meantime!


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