some experiments :O

Heres some stuff I’ve been playing with, experiments really :O

and some perspective studies

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8 thoughts on “some experiments :O

  1. Really dig the perspective studies man, pretty enlightening method of tackling multiple figures in perspective.

  2. great face designs. your skin and lighting look so natural

  3. Gutterpunk on said:

    Wow, the second face is my favorite, it oozes of character, he looks like some sort of ancient chinese thief lord. The upside down cross conveys even more of his character, and he also almost looks a bit irish in the vaguely red beard. FANTASTIC design!

    Greetings from another artist.

  4. Rivved on said:

    I love your work. I’ve always loved concept art.

    What do you use to draw, though? I’ve tried starting to use the computer more when I color, but I can’t seem to find a program that’s right for me..

  5. Shit howdy I am glad you have a blog.
    It’s horrible wading through all the comments on your sketchbook mr. popularrrrrrrr.

  6. Good stuff man! Just found your site. Rock on!

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