Hey :)

Really busy at the moment so I haven’t really had any time for personal work so my updates have slowed… I’m moving into a new place soon so I’m trying to put away money taking in more freelance. As soon as I reach the amount I’m goin for I’ll get back into personal work. Shouldn’t take that long but we’ll see… Would love to get back into studies and really push life studies so I can improoooveee :(.

Ah well, just wanted to let you dudes know so you don’t forget about me D:! So if you do wanna follow me in what I do I’ve started a Twitter account and update often with links to art posts I like and random art related stuff. If you got a Twitter account feel free to follow me :D! At least I can keep that thing current :).

—–>Twitter account<—–

Thanks :D!


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One thought on “Hey :)

  1. я вот что скажу: спасибо..

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