Got a contract from WotC! I’m really excited to do some work with them! In the meantime I’m just working on character concepts and a illustration for a client… Not all too much stuff but yea, finished early so I did another portait. I told myself I wouldn’t do another one and that I’d invest time in full illustration but I couldn’t resist D:. Theyre just so easy and fun… Plus they fit right into my ‘after work – before bed’ time. I’ll try not to do one tomorrow :O.

Anyways, this one took around 2 hours, funnn stuff

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2 thoughts on “Yessss

  1. congrats, dave! i was going to try sending my stuff off to them. but, man. if i need to make my images as clean as yours, then i’m in trouble :p

  2. Hey Dave

    Awesome work as always. love this portrait series…I’m blown away that it only takes you but a couple of hours to do. I wrote you an email, but not sure if you got it…would love to pick your brain sometime! Grats on the contract!

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