New Sketch

Trying to keep this thing current… Even if it means just droppin sketches :). Anyways, heres a sketch I just did… Waiting on some emails so I can get back to client work.

Thrash Zombie

annnnddd, I’m gonna keep leaving music links to whatever I mostly listened to while I worked… Mostly because it surely influences how fast I paint/subject matter(for the most part).

WOLF! Love this band! Theyre everything I love about metal… This album is the newer one, their older stuff is awesome as well(if you like this stuff).

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8 thoughts on “New Sketch

  1. Andrei on said:

    I love your work! Any chance you’d do a tutorial to explain your technique? 😀

    • Yea I plan on it! I’m just moving right now and am having to get a good amount of work done! I’ll update everybody on here when I can get some extra time :). Thanks!

  2. Nick on said:

    Great work! Love your CA sketchbook as well your progress is inspiring and your latest work is fantastic keep up the progress. Your WoTC gig is well deserved congratulations.

    check out amon amarth if you don’t already know about them.


  3. Sick as usual Dave. I love the little music clips too. It’s fun to hear what you’re hearing as you crank out a piece. You working in PS or Painter, mainly?

  4. That’s a cool expression! Looks like he’s singing :p

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