Thrash Zombie Sketch Video!

Hey everybody! Did a quick video tonight and the quality came out real bad. I do plan on doing more of these soooooo hopefully I can catch this issue early on with some new video capture tool or something. Hope you dudes like it!

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17 thoughts on “Thrash Zombie Sketch Video!

  1. Andrei on said:

    Thanks man, this is awesome!

  2. luvazquez on said:

    Thanks for this video…your work is just amazing. I’d love to see a full blown tutorial from you sometime…just can’t get enough 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll do an indepth tutorial soon. I meant for this to be the one I do it with but I couldnt because the quality was so terrible in the capture… Next time!

  3. Cecil Sunkure on said:

    Oh wow, that was impressive! Yeah, you should definitely do more videos like this! What were the pixel dimensions of the pic while you were making it? Was this also a 1-2 hour project?

    • Thanks! Yea, this was an hour and a half I think. I’m not sure on the dimensions, probably like 1300×2800 pixels? Something like that, doesnt really matter though :D. I’ll try and make some time to do a few more!

  4. thanks! that was a lot of help.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial, Dave. It’s great to finally see the process after following your work for a while. How did you learn to paint in Photoshop? Do “real” painting skills translate to digital easily?

    • I just do a lot of studies of photos and from life. All of which lends itself to painting characters and whatnot. Also check out alla prima by richard schmid and whatnot. Study master paintings, copy em, learn from that. Anything and everything you can do helps :D!

  6. Hey Dave thanks a lot for the tutorial, I think it helps a lot to see how rough you start and how fast you get the important detail down. I think the important things happen in the first minutes. Pure awesomness ^^
    And the second song gets better and better the more I hear it.

    • Yea for sure man! always try and get the whole idea out as fast as I can… I like to improvise on the design and whatnot as I go so I’m not just renderin the whole time without thinkin. But yea, thanks man! Really glad you got somethin outta it! And support WOLF, theyre great and very underappreciated :O

  7. dude…thanks so much for the video! awesome awesome stuff. Love checking out the updates!


  8. yeah man I know how you feel me too. Like a never ending battle. I miss them days off.

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