Just wanted to update before I go another few days without posting some art… I’m currently working through a ton of artsss and have pretty much filled the next couple weeks with lots of stuff. I’m still gonna try and update but I gotta get a lot out before the 1st so if you do check this blog often don’t expect much if anything til then :O! Hopefully I am overestimating how much work this is… But I guess I’ll find out.

Yea, anyways, this is what happens when you are totally screwed for money! I had so many things to do this month, I moved into a new place, got a puppy, then a couple of my clients were late on payment. So I had to take on extra work to make up for the money and do my other jobs on top of that til I recieved the checks. Really stressful month! But its almost over thank god :D!

Can’t wait to finish up what I do have though, then I can pay everything off and just finally relax for a day or so haha. I’ve been looking forward to just sitting and doing some consistent studies in my freetime, whenever it is that the freetime comes.

So yes, thats why I haven’t been updating as often, gotta buckle down and get this stuff out asap! Then i’m gonna go for a long hike in the mountains :D!

heres some old metal, not for everyone I dont think… but if you love the NWOBHM as much as I do then its a classsssic :)!

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7 thoughts on “Busy!

  1. wow it’s funny. I’m almost in the exact same situation as you..sans the puppy (my gf wants a kitten.) anyway best of luck to you for all the work going on and coming up!


    • haha, yea I was waiting on like 3k so my whole world was crapped on hahaha. Doubling work, stressing out then forcing it all out is tough. But I can see that afterwards everything will be easy!

      • I’m guessing you must like the freelance life, otherwise with you’d put some thought into doing the ‘ol 9-5 thing. But it doesn’t seem your style. Or maybe I’m wrong?

      • Well I enjoy living where I do up in new hampshire. I’ve got a big yard now and live on a mountain :). Theres a small country style town here and the closest mall is over an hours drive on the highway. I really like living out here and don’t think I could stand having to live in a city for a job… Plus I work so much that when I do go out I want it to be beautiful :D! I’ve had a few offers and even phone interview stuff with a couple game studios but had to decide against it. Maybe some day, but not yet anyways… I’m enjoying the freelance life too much! Or at least now I am with the work I’ve been getting haha.

      • btw, are you working freelance or are you fulltime?

  2. wow man. I just don’t have words. The way you’re living your life right now..that’s exactly how I want to live it. I’m currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, and there are a good many places that are beautiful to live and enjoy the scene. I dunno, I just never thought of doing it because I thought it’d be risky going too far away from civilization. hahaha…but dude..on a mountain…(drool). But yeah, I work freelance now. I had interviews with some game companies but they totally weirded me out with how corporate they were. Anyway, I’m getting increasingly more work with freelance…geez, maybe it’s time I ditch the city.

  3. Hi Dave, just thought I’d say I really love some of the stuff you’ve got up here. I came here from your other blog. I don’t blame you for changing, Blogspot is really beginning to get on my nerves too. Anyway, the ‘Frogborg’ piece is probably one of my favourites. You use colour so well in your digital paintings, a skill I envy considerably! Keep it up 🙂

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