Recovery time!

The month is coming to an end finally! I got one looming deadline for the 1-2nd left. No problem though :D! I’m finally feeling good! Can’t wait to go for a long hike,  just slow down and take in the fresh air…

I’m pumped too, now I know I can handle the worst case freelancer scenario haha.

Anyways, heres some sketch I did tonight just to relax and do whatever.

And this is how I feel:

You thought we’d lost it all,

You thought we’d given up the fight!

Well now we’re back to prove you wrong,

It’s time to open up your eyes, Hell Yeah!

Venom is awesome 😀

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8 thoughts on “Recovery time!

  1. Hell yea man! You make it look easy!

  2. meh…the song’s okay though. lol jk. awesome!

  3. oh sweet! why whats up? got some new kick ass work coming in? I think this month I’ll try and do as little freelance as possible and work on that book.

  4. wow..scratch that…I missed the word “study”. Yeah man, I think it’s awesome the way you do studies. You seem to have “themes” every time. What’ll it be this time?

    • Oh I have no idea what teh theme will be D:. I dont really mean to do themes I just generally have a few points of reference for anatomy on the internet haha. i’ll probably do a lot of loomis and bridgman studies along with and whatever naked dudes I can find… ahah. As well as master studies :)! Hopefully I’ll see some crazyy improvement in my work

  5. not likely..haha. naked dudes eh…speaking of which, do you draw mma guys just by coincidence, or are you actually a fan of the sport? and thanks for that link. I’ll def be using that. K…my last post haha

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