Grayscale to Color Video Tutorial

Hey everyone! I get a lot of questions about how I color my images annndd today I can hopefully address some of those. The video below is just somethin quick I made to show a basic process of adjusting the color on a grayscale image. This technique isn’t for everybody… Mostly because you gotta be used to drawing straight grayscale and getting your values to a certain point. If you don’t have much value range this approach doesn’t work so well. But take from it what you can! I’m gonna get some sleep :D!

I’ve been looking at microphones online and found a few that seemed alright… As well as some decent editing program haha. I’d like to get more into making tutorials but just don’t want to release a ton of crap quality ones. Hope you get somethin outta it at least :)!

and heres some metal… Slammer!

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8 thoughts on “Grayscale to Color Video Tutorial

  1. Hotness. Thanks for the quick and dirty Dave. I’m amazed at how many layers you’re working on in your pieces. I start getting lost when I work that way in PS, but it might just be a matter of practice/comfort. Hope to catch more stuff like this from you (or catch you on IM or GA soon). Thanks again!!

    • No problem man! I don’t usually work on so many layers as I’m constantly merging them all to save ram. But for the sake of making gifs and tutorials I keep them all seperate. Other than that I’m just really used to working in photoshop so I never really feel uncomfortable using all the different layer types. Its just a matter of getting used to it and playing with everything its got to offer. I’ll try and make some more videos soon 😀

  2. nstoltenberg on said:

    Thanks for posting the clip, man – I’ve been loving your stuff over on CA for a while, and it’s cool to watch you work in realtime! I’d love to see more videos from you, especially stuff from your sketch phase – seems like you sometimes use a scribbly style where you silhouette something and cut into it with white? Do you use construction lines in a process like that, or are proportions and stuff second-nature for you by now? Anyway, thanks again – I really appreciate your having taken the time to do stuff like this!

    • Thanks man! I generally study every morning so over time I think anatomy and proportion has become second nature. Not that I’m really good at it but from what I’ve learned I can bring my paintings to a certain point… Then if I have problems I’ll double check on google and look for poses, or use a mirror. My time should be clearing up soon so I can concentrate more on making process videos… If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see from a tutorial that’d be cool too.

      • Safroha on said:

        Hey, great tips in that video. That gave me a lot of ideas I can use for my own work. I saw you’re stuff on the WoW fanart section and decided to check your website out. You do great work! If you need a video Idea, it would be cool to see lighting tips when working with very dynamic POV sketches. Like lighting from below when a character is reaching out to you in the picture, or back lighting on a character who is standing high on the horizon line and looking down. Im kind of fascinated by light and shadow right now, my art is quite lacking in that area.

        Anyway, keep up to greatness!

  3. Lu Vazquez on said:

    At Last! A peek into the process of the madman! Lol. Thanks so much for putting this up. Been struggling a bit with this technique…there’s surprisingly little information on just how it’s done, and speed-paints just don’t say enough.

    I’ve noticed from all of your videos so far that you don’t exactly sketch an idea out in terms of a pencil sketch, but you dive right into the canvas and start fleshing things out. How do you handle clients who require a sketch before a final image?

    Thanks again Dave!

    • Thanks! Thats a good question! And its also the bane of my client work… I have trouble losing steam on a project if I just sketch and stop. I’d much rather just start and go straight through til its mostly done. But yea, all the videos I have up are under 2 hours so my sketches are usually like… what I’d have after 30 minutes or so. I don’t enjoy working in steps like that but until you’re super famous its a must :).

      Btw – I’m asking around for suggestions for video tutorials. If you have anything you’d like to know about just send it along to me.

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