Wizards Action!

Finished up my first Wizards of the Coast job a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun! I’m loving the freedom I get to illustrate the stuff. Jon Schindehette just released one of my images over on his blog. I’m really happy they like my work and am on to the next pieces they got for me. Heres hoping I have a good relationship with them in the future!

So anyways, heres the image he released!

(click to enlarge)

I’ll be sure to start on my next video soon! Looking forward to making these tutorials weekly if I can handle it haha. So yea, keep a look out and leave me some good questions I can address!

Heres some Angel Witch in the meantime!

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12 thoughts on “Wizards Action!

  1. I REALLY dig the WotC work! Slappin’ it on the desktop now, for inspiration!

  2. It looks great! Sorry to read you’ve been having some rough times lately. Hopefully things will turn around for you. Keep at it!
    Thanks for all the video tutorials.

  3. Awesome job! Are we going to be seeing your name pop up on magic cards anytime soon? Your stuff would fit right in there along side Kekai and Daarken.

  4. Great stuff man! Thanks for the tutorials, just started following your blog, looking forward to more!

  5. Epic dude. Seriously, great job on the composition. You make my loins tingly.

  6. Holy shit Dave!! That is so freaking sexy. Great composition, insanely good lighting. Ugh! It’s so good it hurts me! Keep up the stellar work!

    PS: thinking about your tutorial vids lately– two things I’d love to hear you talk about: 1) Values– you talk so much about how your work/method relies on values, I’d love to hear your approach/thought process to laying those down, and how you developed your sense of value. 2) edge control… One thing that I’m always amazed at in your work is your control of edges. You use these gorgeous soft edges all over and then nail us with the hard edges where it really counts, but I’d love to hear what’s in your head on that stuff.

  7. OMG! Really good composition and coloring! I congratulate…

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