New Work from Dragon Mag

Hey everyone! Woke up this morning to some really nice words from Jon Schindehette about my Wizards work so far :). Really happy they like me over there. Been working on Magic and having an awesome time as well, the whole experience in general has been nothin but great.

Jon just released this piece on his blog Art Order! Look forward to the rest getting released :D!

Gif process

Also just a reminder that my next LiveStream is on Monday 5 pm EST! Look forward to seeing you all there now that theres no limit!

Also Also Also, if you’ve sent me an email regarding questions or feedback on the streams it may take me a bit longer to respond as I had no idea how many emails I’d get D:. I’m going to try and designate a pocket of time during the week to address these questions on my LiveStream.  Does that sound like a good idea? I just don’t want to have to respond with the same general answers to every email if I don’t have to. Really pressed for time at the moment. Just let me know if you think that’d work best. You never know who may benefit from the same things you yourself are curious about.

Heres an older piece I did for Wizards that I never posted as well :)!

Metal  – Flames – ‘Beloved Dead’

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16 thoughts on “New Work from Dragon Mag

  1. Damn, man! So awesome! 😀 Both are beautiful. I love your palettes, they’re fantastic.

  2. The kudos from Jon were absolutely deserved. Each new piece from you pushes a little further, and your palette, composition, etc just gets better and better. Keep kicking ass!!

  3. You’re my hero.

  4. lowkey on said:

    I think answering questions on the stream would be great cause I’m sure a lot of people have similar questions, but it can be intimidating writing off an email to someone you know is really busy.

    and that new piece is amazzzinnggg @_@

  5. Great piece Dave!

  6. I discovered your work not long ago, and how to say .. I’m totally a fan!
    If you got two minutes, do come and see my work!
    take care!


  7. Ralph Horsley on said:

    Jon’s comments were well deserevd. The magazine image is great, and interesting to see your process too 🙂

  8. Fuck yeah. Awesome work dude!

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