Crimson Daggers Website!

Hey everybody! Finally got the Crimson Daggers website up! Thanks to Dennis Kutsenko :D! I just made up some simple little layout and we got it up as a placeholder.

Check it out!


But anyways I wanted to put forth a challenge… If anybody is interested! Basically I don’t have much webdesign skills(as you can most likely see) but I had to get somethin up and out there. For the future though I was looking to have it redesigned so that its more presentable. Doesn’t have to have a million features or whatever but it should just be a cool splash page. It may need ad placement as well in the future if you’d like to take that into account. So anyways, if you’d like to lend a hand that would be awesome. I’d love to check out people’s mockups of the Daggers website. I’d rather see it designed by a fellow dagger who knows what theyre doin anyways haha.

This is pretty much all it needs to include –

  • Crimson Daggers logo – can use this for placeholder i suppose
  • links to the Livestreams, sketchbooks, and blogs
  • has to include redness, blood and possibly switchblades in design
  • has to have the mission statement up top(the current one was just thrown together.)
  • has to include stream details(currently below mission statement)

So anyways, if you’re interested please submit whatever mock ideas you may have to Don’t mean to ask for free services or anything but I’m runnin the daggers for free at the moment D:. Not much money rollin around in the pockets. Figured I would reach out to my daggers for some love. Hopefully theres a couple graphic dagger designers out there :D!

Thanks everybody!

Metal! Keel – ‘Thunder and Lightning’

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