About me/Contact Info

Hey everyone, my name’s Dave Rapoza and I’m a freelance illustrator/concept artist. I’m open for all things art and enjoy taking on all kinds of projects.

Currently I live in Littleton, New Hampshire with my girlfriend Chelsea(loveandasandwich.etsy.com) and my cat Mr. Delicious.

Feel free to contact me for whatever reason if you have any questions about my work :).

If you’d like any work done or are just interested in contacting me my email is….  rapozaster@gmail.com !




Client List:

Wizards of the Coast

Privateer Press

Orion Publishing Group

White Wolf CCP games

Eigen Works

Sierra Games

Trident Games


19 thoughts on “About me/Contact Info

  1. Lynden Engelhard on said:

    Ive always wished that i could do what you do. Ive always been a doodler but could nvr really put it all together. What is the best way to learn to do what you do? (i just love photoshop art….) Thanks a bunch, your fan Lynden.

    • Well the best way to go about learning it is to focus on the fundamentals. Photoshop wont make you a better artist. I would focus on your general form studies(loomis, hogarth, bridgman anatomy books), life studies, and color theory. Get more info on painting techniques as well(alla prima by richard schmid). The most important thing to focus on is the bare essentials… Everything else just comes to you as you learn. Such as edge control, composition, etc. You just have to be willing to sit down and work at this everyday, understand why and where youre going with it… and be happy! Know that the work you’ll produce once you really start to understand this stuff will be great :). But yea, goodluck! and thanks for enjoying my work!

  2. Cecil Sunkure on said:


    I read a reply you left on someone wanting to know the best way to learn how to do what you do. But I was also interested in what type of education you obtained through college to gain the skills you have today (if you even attended a college), and how you started getting into the field of concept art. How did you get to where you are today?

    • Hey Cecil, I never attended art school. I graduated from high school, worked a year doing pizza deliveries :), then quit and went all into art. I basically just went on conceptart.org/forums to their sketchbook section and saw what some other dudes were doin. A lot of people on that site were progressing very fast so I decided to get into studying and all that constantly. Most of my time I spent trying to mimic artists styles and working on my anatomy and life drawing skills. After I felt somewhat comfortable I started taking jobs for around $20-$40 an image… Which for sure doesn’t cover the hours spent but I was only in it to have some pressure to work hard at art. Eventually through just natural progression of studying and taking cheap freelance I got some good gigs. As time went on I got better and better jobs. Only recently have I started to recieve the work I set out to get, the type of art I really enjoy. I’m not really at any high point as far as freelancers go though, and am relatively new to the industry. Everyday I learn something new about contracts and taxes etc. But yea, if you really want to get into it my advice is to get into it anyway you can and work at all your weaknesses. Let everyone know youre trying your best and always ask for advice… You have to stay fresh in everyone’s mind.


  3. Cecil Sunkure on said:

    Oh wow! So you got to the skill level you have today with good old stick-to-it-ive-ness! I really admire that, and I find this website really rather inspiring 😀

    I’m definitely showing this site to a few friends.. Good luck to you too!

  4. Eric on said:

    Hey man, I find your work, and the path you have taken to get where you are very inspiring. I myself am also from NH, and am looking to someday do what you do. I’ve graduated college with my visual arts degree and am now looking to learn photoshop. Seeing how we both live in the same state I was wondering how you feel about lessons? and maybe even taking someone under your wing?

  5. mike on said:

    great work man, any advice on where to start with anatomy studies?

  6. hey Dave, came across your stuff on youtube and was hella impressed. I’m alot like you in the sense that I’ve never had any artistic training other than what I’ve taught myself over the years from books and such.

    My art is in a completely different vein than yours, (you can check it on my site if u want to) but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me putting a link to your stuff on my friends/links page.

    I really enjoyed watching the speed painting of the thrash zombie, makes me want to try more digital art 😀

    keep up the great work man!

  7. Angy S. on said:

    Whoa… dude you’re like- amazing! x3 I’m just a teen what draws (or rather sketches/doodles) in my free time, working on storyboards for my ghetto comics and stuff… I think i have the basics down pretty much but i was wondering if u knew of any websites or some good books i can look up (or buy w/e lol) so i can “study” anatomy… yeah i like to learn from other people’s works… 😀
    also– what program(s) do you use to make/color (or whatever it is u do… sorry i dont know how to word this exactly, im still trying to learn a lot of stuff) your pictures? like the ghoul/goblin looking fellow at the top of the page?

    • Thanks! Theyre all done digitally in photoshop cs3 with my intous 3 wacom tablet. I’d reccommend Andrew Loomis – “Figure drawing for all its worth”, Burne Hogarth ” Dynamic figure drawing”, and George b. Bridgman “constructive anatomy”. Other than that you could grab Richard Schmidt “Alla Prima”. Theres lots more but those are a great start… Just study everyday and constantly look for your errors in your work. Pinpoint them and work at those faults. Its just a matter of time and practice… The more you invest into it the better you get :D!

  8. b cunningham on said:

    I have a gloria sawanson pen amd ink print dated 1979 by an artist named Rapoza. I can find no information on the artist or portrait. Can ypu provide any?

    • I wasn’t born til 1987 so I’m totally not the same dude. Unless further on in my life a freak accident occurs and I travel back in time. In order to save up money for my swift return to the future… I am forced to create a number of black and white pen and ink images. Thank you for funding my return <3.

  9. hey dave, would love to see a tutorial on the general process of painting a humanoid/potrait from start to finish with commentary. another request, I was amazed with the glow/special effects in your tauren shaman concept. could you give us a video on how you go about creating such beautiful effects. thanks


  10. Tamisha on said:

    I read that you commisioned a piece for someone and I was wondering if you where still doing peices for people and if you are then what would that cost for a poster sized picture/drawing. If you are interested then let me know and I will let you know what it is I am looking for. By the way I found you on blizzard.com/fanart, the piece is amazing!

  11. I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me.

    I’ve been going to college on and off for the past five years, studying something I find boring (Computer Networking Technology); I work in fast food; and am generally not satisfied with the way my life it turning out. I looked at your sketchbook on ConceptArt and noticed I’m not too far behind where you were when you started, and it totally brought life back into me.

    Because of people like you, I feel like I can make it one day.

    • Thats great man! Yea its never too late to really pursue this. I try to tell everyone that its all about studying and staying focused on improvement and I really hope people listennn. If you really do invest the time into yourself and what you want to do you’ll get to wherever it is you want to be. Its really great that you want to move forward with your work and I totally wish you the best of luck man!

  12. Wow dude I read through your comments and you improved SO fast lol
    I’m a 17 year old aspiring artist blah blah and I just have one question – I saw you mentored Miles, and I’m kind of trying to take your advice to him, but when I draw I’m so exceptionally slow. He did like 4 pages in his sketchbook in a day and I’m lucky if I can do just one! I’m wondering if there is a way I can overcome this, any tips? (it’s not because of a lack of time put in it’s just cuz I’m slow lawl)
    Also do you have any of your super old work up, like from high school or earlier? (I checked your CA and it only goes back to about 19 years old) It’s super inspiring to me to see other peoples’ old work 😀 cuz it’s encouraging to think that I can do it too XD

  13. Okay so I’m an aspiring artist still in High School and I want to improve from just very simple ugly sketches. While trying to find some refernce material or just some simple guidance/lessons I happened upon you’re amazing work (love all of you’re fantastic drawings especially, the Goblins) I’ve also seen you’re tutorials and one or two of you’re livestreams/speed paints and I have a few questions.
    1. You earlier posted some books on anatomical study and improvement. Do you have any recommendations on color/lighting, good design, composition, basic planning, and/or suggestions on a good work ethic. I know my request is a bit broad and I’m sorry for that. I’d also like to request a basic tutorial on how you set up and layout the color for an object once you have the design planned out (like highlights, accents, and the background design). Sorry again for what I’m asking and I hope my requsts aren’t too difficult or demanding.

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